VFM Edutech

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VFM Edutech Montessori Teacher Training Institute

Premier training institute offering for aspiring parents, teachers and school administrators.


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VFM Edutech offers a wide range of Diploma and Certificate courses by experienced mentors.


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Kindergarten, Montessori and Play School Franchise

Partner with our growing chain of VFM Edutech Montessori Teachers Training Institute Franchise.

VFM Edutech

VFM Edutech is a premier Montessori Teacher Training Institute offering Montessori Education for aspiring Parents, Teachers and Montessori School Administrators.

VFM Edutech was started in November 2017 with the main objective of providing quality Montessori teacher training from Guwahati, Assam. It is also aimed to bring back the ideas and methodologies of Montessori as applied to Primary Education.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and proud to be associated with "The Association For Early Childhood Education And Development (AECED)"

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Why VFM Edutech

Montessori Method of education developed by world renowned Italian physician and educator Dr Maria Montessori is a child centered educational approach which is focused on giving support to the natural developmental needs of the children. Montessori Method of education basically fosters and emphasizes the children’s natural drive to learn by providing them a prepared environment completely suited for the different stages of development. Montessori Method of teaching is unique as the teacher plays the role of a guide helping the children with their own research and exploration of a subject based on their own interests. It is the duty of a Montessori teacher to not really teach but lead the children towards independence and self-discipline. Therefore, it is imperative that the teachers pursue a Montessori course before venturing into Montessori teaching. In addition to this, a Montessori teacher needs to cultivate the qualities of patience and restraint. Montessori teaching has gained huge popularity over the years and there are thousands of Montessori schools scattered around the world. There has been a steady requirement of trained Montessori teachers with a lot of openings available for teaching jobs. In order to continue one’s teaching career as a Montessori educator one needs to become a certified Montessori teacher.

VFM Edutech Montessori Teacher

Primary & Pre Primary Teacher’s training, along with Nursery and Montessori education has come to highlight in the recent times. People have now understood the importance of these courses and with the increase of educational institutions focusing on childhood learning, the demand for qualified primary & pre-primary teachers are rising. To meet this demand, VFM Edutech Montessori Teachers Training Institute has introduced the International Pre & Primary Teacher’s Training Course to provide Primary, Pre-primary, Montessori and Nursery Education to teachers aiming to teach young children.

Who may enroll for our courses?

Students wishing to start their own Montessori School

The course includes a lesson on setting up a Montessori classroom or a Montessori School. Our team will give advice to any students who have successfully completed the course and who wish to start their own pre-school. We can advise on the location of premises/teachers/ equipment, enrolling new pupils, etc.

Students wishing to start career as Montessori Teacher

This is an ideal course for students who are interested in Montessori Teaching. The course material is designed to understand and implement the technology of Montessori. As there is a large demand for trained Montessori Teachers in India and abroad students can make a very good career.

For those who want to work with children

This course is highly recommended for young people interested in helping small children. It is also of great value for future parenthood. Our students work for a teaching diploma examination and at the same time, they are helped to attain a higher standard of education themselves with the help of written and practical work. On completion of the course, one could find suitable jobs in Montessori environments

For Teachers

This course is recommended to all experienced teachers of young children who wish to gain insight into the best way to individualize their teaching curriculum, so that children of mixed abilities may work at their own pace. Teachers should consider this course as an up-gradation, and could implement the Montessori methodology in the conventional schools.

For Parents

This course helps parents understand the natural laws of growth and self construction in a child. Thus as a parent, you can help the child to grow to his utmost potential , and not unwittingly hamper the path of nature and create unintended deviations in your child.